Deadbeats Damage Their Neighbors

Tax delinquent property has a profoundly negative effect on the market value of nearby homes, a new PlanPhilly / Inquirer analysis has found. In all, tax delinquency diminishes the overall tax base by a minimum of $9.5 billion. The average single family home in Philadelphia is worth 22.8 percent less, due to nearby delinquencies. That figure varies dramatically from house to house, depending on how many delinquent properties are within 500 feet. Read the related story on PlanPhilly →

Search for your property in the box below to see the effects of delinquency on your home's value. Or hover over the map to see delinquency's impact at the neighborhood level.

Note: this analysis only covers single family homes. Commercial properties and multi-unit residential properties are not included.

Source: City of Philadelphia; Neighborhood Data: Azavea (CC BY 3.0 US); Reporting: Patrick Kerkstra (PlanPhilly); Analysis: Kevin Gillen (Fels School of Government); Application: Casey Thomas (AxisPhilly);